It's that time of year with lots of wedding fairs, events and open evenings, there are opportunities to promote ourselves and meet potential couples so we need to take stock of our wedding fair strategy. 

Here are our helpful tips: 

1. Time is Money - try to spend a max of 10 minutes with each couple 

2Draw them in - to your stand with a banner or video that arouses curiosity, highlights your USP's in an exciting way and stops them in their tracks  

3. Availability - make sure to check your diary before you spend time with a couple you cannot book, wasting their and your time 

4. Be Passionate - passion is contagious. Be warm, friendly and appealing. 

5. Emit the Expert Glow - give the couple peace of mind that you are an expert in your field and they are in safe hands.  Rather than sending them to testimonials on your website, why not have a past couple on the stand with you! 

6. Collect Data -  aim for 30 leads per team member at the stand so you can continue the conversation in your own time afterwards. 


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