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Why do couples ask about price first?

A helpful thing to remember when responding to questions on price is that you already have a lead! You’ve already sold yourself to the couple in some capacity or they wouldn’t be asking about your prices. 

But you also need to show that your value outweighs your price.

Reviews are so important when it comes to this. I could be the best photographer in the area but I’m not necessarily going to get that sale if other past couples aren’t on my side convincing my leads with me. A recent press release revealed that 45% of couples see reviews as the most important factor when choosing their wedding suppliers. Remember that most couples have no idea what they’re looking for when shopping around for their wedding. They’ve more than likely never planned a wedding before so they’ll default to price comparison and will look for the reassurance of past couples through reviews too.

When couples enquire about your prices, there is no obvious right or wrong response to give them. There are a few different paths you could take:

1. Give a one price answer- This could close off any negotiation and won’t give them all of their options.

2. Ignore their price question altogether- Undoubtedly, they are going to be frustrated by this and will probably be able to read between the lines. It won’t do you any good in building up your relationship with them.

3. Giving a starting price- This is helpful, but could again be misleading or cut off any leads that are looking for something more high-end.

4. Give them a price range- This is how you’re going to please most couples. Give them the impression that you want them to get the best out of their money. By saying to them “I don’t want you to pay any more than you have to, to get everything you’re looking for” you can shift the conversation from price to service quality.

As you have this discussion with your leads, be constantly asking questions such as “what services are you interested in more specifically?” Get to know them and their expectations while giving them a reason to respond to your messages every time. Don’t just send your brochure and be done with it. It’s conversation that leads to a sale, so keep it at the forefront of your mind.

It can be difficult dealing with couples who keep pushing for discounts and deals, but don’t be offended because again it is purely because they want to book you. There are always other options than just knocking a chunk off the price.

Suggest Payment Options or Add Value instead of offering discount

Consider asking them if it would suit better to pay in instalments for the few months leading up to their wedding. If not this, consider giving them something extra. A study recently showed that consumers are more attracted to getting 1/3 more for the same price than getting 1/3 of the price off the product or service.

Next time someone asks for your prices very early on, don’t be disheartened. Remember to keep your conversation with them at the forefront, because they are already interested in you. Don’t be afraid of bargaining with people to find a package that suits them and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in profits!

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